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Transformation Series

Urban exploration

Since a child I have loved big cities and urban environments. A dark alley or an abandoned building has a magical feeling I can't find anywhere else. When I get on the roof of a city building, it feels like a heaven above all everyday problems. Urban exploration is all about exploring the man-made as the big text above states. Everything from giant architectural masterpieces to the smallest seemingly random pieces of concrete and steel in the middle of a silent forest.

The true exploration

Five hundred years ago the world was huge. People could only imagine the things out there. People explored the seas on month-long expeditions. People discovered never before seen tribes. Now we're connected to every side of the world by the internet. You see your travel destinations beforehand on the travel agencies’ sites. We watch documentaries and see National Geographic articles all over the internet.

Now we know what's anywhere on Earth. That's why we try to find those places that are truly disconnected. The places left behind. That's our way of finding new worlds.

Marlo Kuisma

Photographer / Programmer / Visual Artist



School: Lahden yhteiskoulu

Born: April 2001

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What I like

I think you can tell a lot about a person by the things they like, so here's my favorite things

Wil Wagner

This man is just an exceptional songwriter. He writes so honestly and self-loathingly but every songs is still hopeful. I can barely do a day without listening to him.

Yayoi Kusama
草間 弥生

Her art is stunning but more importantly she is a captivating personality. She says that she's a gift to humanity and after all she doesn't want much for herself.

The Smith Street Band

This is the band with that last guy, Wil. They are just as great as Wil himself but it's a band. My dream is to see them perform one day.

Fight Club

Fight Club is an amazing movie that makes you question your life. I could watch this movie again and again and always realize something new.

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