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Marlokuisma.xyz Update

Marlokuisma.xyz is now updated so I can write articles and share them with you. The new marlokuisma.xyz is far from done. The site is currently built desktop-up, which will hopefully be changed later on. There is a lot of progress to be made especially in mobile optimization, styling and with the controls I have when updating.

Regardless, I should now be able to publish articles easier, which lets me use the website for what it's made for. I hope you enjoy the site and the articles. If you have any ideas regarding the website or my content in general, please do email me! Now here's some more in-detail about the website's development.

Tags and search

All the articles I upload can be given tags. The tags will be shown usually at the end of the page as seen in this article as well. It is planned that under articles, other articles with the most same tags will be suggested later. It would significantly help people find my articles.

From the front page or marlokuisma.xyz/search/ you can search tags by using the # symbol or just search keywords from the article text and title. The search is still very unpolished and inaccurate as it only checks for articles where all the given words are contained.


There is much work to be done to clarify the navigation on my site, especially once I get the category pages up and running. Currently the main navigation is the front page, but obviously, it is not optimal as it contains so much other content. I will have to find another form of navigation.

Control Panel

The Control Panel is the secure interface I use to update my website. It is created by me as I do not use any frameworks for my website as of now. Almost all the features for article editing work well, but it still lacks many controls for the front page and other pages I want to create. Below we have a screenshot of the article editing interface.

Keeping people up to date

Hopefully as soon as possible I'll create mailing lists for WhatsApp or email or other services allowing people to receive notifications about new articles on my website, as I understand that most people won't come on my website daily to check for new articles.


The website is still heavily under work but it works for now with these features. Mostly the work to be done is going to be under the hood, so the readers won't see them, but all suggestions for improvements are highly appreciated. Be sure to check back soon for more articles. If you're interested in receiving updates right now, just email me and I'll try to personally notify you! Cheers!