Transformation Series

Message β€” from one to another

Marlo Kuisma



What is this?

There are many every day things in life. Some have been here for decades, some for a couple of years. I have decided to ask the question What is this?. As in, what is this to us. What is the purpose of this? Does this thing have a similar role to us as something else?

With this series of photographed creations I wish to make the viewer rethink the purpose of the item in the picture. I have combined two items together that do not belong together. But it is us who put them there.




All these pieces are hand-made and then photographed against a solid background.






This was the first physical three-dimensional artwork I've made. I was thrilled to learn a new form of art and after creating this series I'm certain I'll be making more. These works are mainly temporary as some of them wouldn't last even half an hour after completion which made the work quite difficult.

Some of these works were created in a matter of minutes while others took several days and multiple tries to get right. The more complicated works I documented on Youtube over here.

Step 1 / Idea

Each work begins with finding an idea. After finding an idea become the materials. Some of these materials can be found lying around, while some have to be bought and for others I've had to go scavenging.

Step 2 / Putting it together

Once I've got everything on my hands I put them together. Sometimes it takes more work, like using powertools or painting. This is the part that can vary in length greatly. Once the piece is finished, the scene is setup. Suspending the subject, setting up background and lighting.

Step 3 / Picturing

Once it's all together, it's captured. A small aperture makes sure the nearby object is well in focus. The subject is placed around the bottom two thirds of the picture.

Step 4 / Refining

The pictures always need some balancing and correcting. Manipulating the subject is avoided as much as possible. The edits vary greatly between pictures but a common task is smoothing out the background.


Finished Pieces

Final Product

#1 Concrete

Ice and Soda Can

Frozen, why?

See work in progress on Youtube

Creation +

This was a very difficult one to create because ice really likes to melt. I only managed to get it right on the third try. The can was cut using a band saw at our workshop.

Work in progress on Youtube

Technical +

The can was rotated and so created two almost identical pictures. These were combined in Photoshop so the trademark on the can could be removed the best way possible.

Resolution 24MP, ISO-400, f/16, 1/40s, 40mm

#2 A Snack Down

Cigarette Box and Fries

Unbuilding brick by brick.

When and why?

Creation +

This wasn't difficult to make. A cigarette box from the street, fries from a joint and a little glue to keep the fries representative.

Technical +

Resolution 10.6MP, ISO-200, f/3.8, 1/125s, 21mm

#3 Light

Pear, Glow in the Dark Paint and a Light Bulb

Light, electricity, food.

See work in progress on Youtube

Creation +

This took a few days to paint. It was then photographed in a dark room with two different exposures and combined.

Work in progress on Youtube

Technical +

Resolution 24MP, ISO-6400, f/4.2, 1/2s, 31mm

#4 Sex?

Condom and Lollipop Stick

What is sex worth? What is it to us?

Technical +

Durex is a registered trademark which I do not own. For this reason I can't sell any prints of this.

Resolution 24MP, ISO-1600, f/6.3, 1/20s, 18mm

#5 Morning

Medicine and Easter Egg

Happy Easter morning.

Creation +

I got an easter egg. Obviously the first thought I get is to make a work of it.

I thought the rougher looking background worked well with this one.

Technical +

Resolution 24MP, ISO-1600, f/6.3, 1/50s, 20mm

#6 Not Melting

Light Bulb and Ice Cream Cone

Some things melt, others don't

Creation +

I managed to destroy the first cone I had because I really didn't know how to keep it stood up. Eventually I built a stand from wire and got it set up well.

Technical +

Bits of wire/stand were Photoshopped out.

Resolution 24MP, ISO-800, f/4.5, 1/500s, 32mm

#7 Beating

Pig's Heart and Wires

Our hearts beat on something and some things beat on our hearts

Creation +

This was messy.

Technical +

Resolution 21.2MP, ISO-800, f/4, 1/50s, 24mm

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